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Service provider Feedback

—————sp feedback 16 may 2015 —

-on home page show services/product insted of category

-Please add  userfrndly error page  email to admis

-validation on add product/add supplier service required/max lenth
-on supplier service detail page show contact details
-remove hardcoded text from products/supplierservies list page
-if email empty hide contact button
-if user is logged in then on on home change text of sign in/singup text
-on product detail page show supplier contact deails
-on detail page picture size is too large

-one detail page show related services/products
-add link of job posting in admin section

-admin should able to see all  suppliers/and there details

-supplier can reply from request page to the customer


1)-suppier can see in dashboard – manage products/ supplier services / service requests
2) show defult photo if missing ,remove un necessary icons from dashboard
3) login and register / show in web page instead of popup just like contact us page

4) replace .com with .pk in all pages

5) http://localhost:7185/SupplierService/CreateSupplierService  ( showing error)

6) create category/subcategory/product/city set  isFeatured=’false when created, admin can make IsFeatured true



  1. When user click on “Home” from main menu should be redirected to “Home page”
  2. when you send me db, please remove dummy data add proper data for 1 product and services
  3. from all web site change to, remove “Koupon” and “admin LTE” words from all pages
  4. Please add IsFeatured Field  in city,citylocation, products,Service category, service subcategory,service location,supplierservices
  5. add new field  SupplierID in   ServiceRequest, and in user dashboard show him  his requests, that customer posted for  his services
    • Manage supplier services not working properly, i tried to edit  supplier services its not eddting…
    • create supplier services formatting issue for  “Subcategory “
    • Create supplier services not showing service subcategory , i think there issue in createing supplier services
  6. when user sign up then user should be redirected to his Dashboard, from email please remove logo and text of “property join”
  7. when user logged into his Dashboard he should able to see his products and services only
  8. user should see only his menu not admin dashboard
  9. when user  click on “Services” show all service, and in sub menu show category and subcategory from database in menu/sub menu (show only featured/ category/subcategory in menu)
  10. when user  click on “Products” show all product and in submenu show category and subcategory from database in menu/sub menu  (show only featured/ category/subcategory in menu)
  11. when user create a product when it is created show successful message or show product list page
  12. on home page and others pages picture should be render from databse filed, if no picture exist then show “Nopicture.jpeg”
  13. Contact us page rout should be like this , when user submit the form email should be send to the admin, Location / Email / phone should be changeable from web.config
  14. ON service detail / product detail picture fetch picture from db, if doesnot exist hide picture section and show other headings data from the database
  15. when user logged in dashboard show him his  name and picture and remove un necessary text and links
  16. we need to create following static pages  for footer
  17. main search should be in working form use auto complete for  Service subcategory and city location
  18. when user click on  “Job” show jobs list page, when user click on job show detail page, on detail page there will be form and button “Apply now” as user submit an email will be send to the admin and also save details in any database table “JobRequest” if there is no table can create table and send me script please

 *******************************************End Service  Provider *******************************************************************

  • Browse property by  5 marla plot in pakistan, 10 marla plot in pakistan and so on…/ 5 marla house in lahore pakistan / 10 marla house and so on….
  • search property by keyword in header add new textbox
  • submit your buying request link in top header and page to save request
  • refresh cache button in admin section
  • on home please show only featured agents, its very  important feature
  • this link not showing latest property first
  • property expired status after 60 days / on detail page show, property is sold
  • right side bar  in all pages sh’d be added its size sh’d be 300 px, so we can adjust the
  • share this control on all pages
  • Please create site map and add all links in that page, get pages from db and add in it
  • submit your buying request in header
  • Property Consultant location
  • Please create following routes and add links in footer in the section ofcompany informatin customer support top links-property for sale in pakistan
    -property for rent in pakistan
    -featured properties
    new url to show featured real estate agents
  • we need to create new page  “Projects” for this purpose we will create new table in database with following fields
  • on layout page in footer show top 10 news
  • add meta data for project list and detail page, please also check all pages meta data is added or not.
  • ProjectId,ProjectTitle,Page title, page keyword,page description, Description, Photo,country, city,address,Contact Details, created date,Status,OtherDetails
  • Parser update. we will add links from admin then parser will parse them and property type/title des etc will be set from admin section instead of resources file


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